The Steppingstone Expansion - 1.1.0



Welcome to the very first update log! We have some rather exciting things to show you so without further ado I present to you: The Steppingstone Expansion.

Quick note: We will be attempting to rebalance the mines again, so expect some updates to mines as you come in and out of the server over the next few weeks. Be sure to keep an eye on the Discord for a general overview of buffs and stuff (I’ll also be posting most of them in the comment below this post)

➤ What’s new?
We have got a few new features added to the server! Be sure to keep reading, they get juicier the further down you go!

Misc. New Things
These didn’t fit anywhere else and aren’t big enough to need their own section so!
  • /website command
  • /discord command
  • /rules command

Personal Mine and Logging Events
  • Whenever you mine an ore block within the mine you will contribute both to the “global” mine event and your personal mine event!
  • This will work similarly to log mines!
  • With this release you can FINALLY obtain Mine and Log Capsules!
    • Don’t know what those are? Think of a mini crate that you get from playing the game!
  • You will have 50 / 50 chance on obtaining a capsule OR a minigame of the respective type!

In the GIF above it should be noted that all you see there is development testing things, the real count will not be 50 blocks!

New Blast Furnaces Recipes
If you’re a keen eye you would’ve seen the sneak peek I posted last night. You can now smelt those compressed ore blocks and turn them directly into a valuable block!
hmm. This is new.

Fast Travel
You asked for it, we did it. It may have involved a deal with a man in a cloak but hey! Worth it!
  • /fasttravel command, you can use /warp or /warps as aliases!
  • You now can warp to a new area (see below for more!)
  • Warp to spawn
  • Warp to your current ward
  • Warp to your cells
    • If you’re a high enough donator and own 2 cells you can choose which cell you want to teleport to!
  • Warp to the market stall you own.
  • And! You can warp to the plot you own!
  • All warping will now also have a 5 second cooldown. Be careful where you initiate your teleport!

A New Profile Category Appears!
This replaces the default stats page, don’t worry that’s still there! We’ve also added a fancy new feature to help mange those mines that are just straight coal!
  • Introducing player operated mine resets!
    • This feature is still in development / balancing, so expect some updates to it as we go!
    • Once every 12 hours you can reset the highest mine layer you have access to.
      • For example, if you are Gold, you will be able to reset layer 4 in your current ward’s mine.
    • You also must wait an hour until you can reset the same layer again. You can get your friends together, but you can’t reset the mine back-to-back.
  • Teleport to your current ward!
    • We found too many shoes were getting turned into commissary with no soles! We talked with some weird guy in a cloak, and he gave us the ability to transportalate you to some areas around the prison!
  • Quick rank-up
  • Quick view of your balances! (Money, Tokens, and Credits)


Re-introducing Redeem Shop!
We found that dirty dealers really wasn’t fitting into the prison the way we thought they would. So, we went ahead and kicked them out of the underground prison. To fill the vacancy of increased sell prices and a place to spend you vote tokens, we’re re-introducing the Tier Shop with a new look that hopefully harkens back to the OG feel.

  • You will find the warp to the tier shop directly in your /warps menu!
  • Once you teleport, talk to Ticket Vendor Lauren to purchase a tier ticket in physical form! Buy it, sell it, use it, all up to you!
  • Do note! This ticket does not stack.
  • You have a limited time to sell all your goods! Click fast!

➤ What’s changed?
Sometimes we need change. We think these needed changes!
  • With the removal of dirty dealer, you may notice a slightly new shop menu.
  • You will now receive your rank sell booster in normal shops.
  • D-C rank up cost has been lowered to 20,000 from 25,000.
  • You will no longer see kits that you don’t have permission to use.
  • [item] and [bal] will now appear in-line with your text!
    • s4fMB2e.png
  • Plots will no longer expire! You own them permanently!
    • Cell prices have increased because of this change.
    • Please note that you must purchase this “upgrade” on your plot if you owned it previously.
      • It is 50% of the cost of the cell, check the menu opened at your sign to see your cost!
    • We’ve added an extra 7 days to your rent time so you can gather the money to purchase your plot!
    • Any new plots purchased will be permanent by default!
    • Also, we will be adding a plot world in the future (soon:tm:)!

➤ What about bug fixes?
Just because we added new stuff and changed around some things doesn’t mean we can’t fix squash some bugs!
  • You will no longer receive double vote tokens (one from your first vote and one from claiming them)
  • Your weekly crate can now be claimed properly.
  • You should no longer be able to swap your clock into your offhand.
  • A non-trusted or non-owner player of a plot should no longer be able to steal anvils.
  • You should now have your proper rank sell booster (this was experienced the most with Netherite players)
  • Mending will now work when mining in the mines or on a mine party.
  • /tokenspay will now properly format numbers larger than 3 characters.
  • Implemented a hopeful fix to no longer require you to re-log to obtain your rank up rank.
    • I have one last ditch effort idea if this one doesn’t work.
  • You will now be able to properly get minigames again.
  • Fixed a few build issues where ore could be in unreachable and unseeable locations to players playing under normal circumstances.
  • Removed the “mogus” in front of the Market that haunted some players. Didn't know what people were talking about, so hopefully it's right.

Phew! You made it to the end of the update log! Hopefully this helps to make the server a bit more enjoyable for you all!

Remember! We’re always listening to suggestions and feedback! If you have any of those you can post them on our discord OR here on the website at: https://prisontech.net/forums/suggest/
Reserved for future updates.

  • Mines have been rebalanced.
  • Capsules have been rebalanced.
  • Minigames have been rebalanced.
  • You can now properly rent a plot permanently.

  • Plot wording should now be consistent across the space.
  • Fixed a bug where the /daily menu would break after having more than 7 claims.
  • Updated Gold Rush mini-game description to more accurately represent the money you will get per point.
  • Fixed a bug where emerald and diamonds resettable mines were flipped.
  • Fixed a bug where Tier Shop was not properly limiting a player's clicking.
  • Fixed a bug where the owner of a Market stall would not be able to see the enchantments on items with enchantments.

  • Fixed a server crash exploit.

  • Added a message to capsules when opening them.
  • H-J is now available.
  • You may now sell 10 items a second to tier shop.
This will likely be the final "content adding" patch for a while while we begin/continue work on 1.2.0. There will of course still be bug fixes and minor changes to already made systems.
  • You can now choose to teleport to a cell you are added to.
    • You are not able to teleport to a cell/plot in a ward you do not have access to.
  • As spoiled in #suggestions on Discord you may now choose your "ping sound".
    • Chicken Egg Pop (default), Trident Thunder, Bell (Note block), Bit (Note block), Chime (Note block), Pling (Note block), Creeper Primed, and Ender Dragon Growl.
    • These sounds may be expanded upon in the future, the goal was to test out these sounds and see if people like them before adding a ton.
  • You can now store experience at an NPC found near the Crate Keeper in D-Ward.
    • You can store a limited amount of experience levels for free.
    • You must PAY to withdraw your experience. Being slightly less expensive to withdraw to your personal experience than to bottle it.
    • You can pay to bottle stored experience OR bottle experience directly from yourself.
  • The redeem shops sell cool-down has been further reduced.
  • The color and style of the "Click me to teleport" message for mine events should be more noticeable in chat.
    • We will continue to improve upon this system if it still feels "hidden".
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